Micro engraving systems

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For micro engraving of optical glasses, such as spectacles, lenses, etc, we provide one or multi-spindled engraving systems. Basically, they consist of a three-axis, CNC controlled engraving head which can be integrated into any customer's production mechanism. Apart from the supplement version, we can also supply the system as an entity with harness in various construction units. The configuration of devices for both engraving and adjusting the glasses according to optical characteristics, as well as the measurement of glass parameters such as radius, contour, close-field measure and optical refraction is also among the services we can offer.
The precision spindle is an essential component of the engraving system. It is floating and processed by a brush-free servo motor. Using the floating mechanism, along with a sensor that registers the positioning of the tool onto the glass, we are saved the trouble of a time-consuming Z-contour programming for the glass to be engraved. Instead, the tool rests on the glass with a constant mass and follows the surface contour automatically. The intensity of engraving is regulated by the spindle frequency relative to the current speed on the engraving pattern. Image

Our customers are supplied with a user surface that can be adapted according to their individual desires. The programming of individual patterns is done by a programming language designed like CNC tool machines. A combination of engraving devices with alien systems via integrated interfaces and user-PC is possible at any time . This linkage allows for an individual engraving pattern for every single glass based on the central processing data.

Dependent on the tools used and the parameter definition of the machines, the user can choose to have silicate glasses, plastic glasses and moulds engraved.